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How to Create an Ebook in Pages on Mac: 5 Easy Steps
Step 1: Decide Between Fixed and Flexible Layouts
Here’s the first question you need to ask yourself before you create an ebook in Pages:

Do you want the ebook layout to rearrange itself depending on the size and orientation of devices? Or do you want your ebook layout to stay the same regardless of device size and orientation?

If you want a flexible ebook layout, you’re looking for what Apple calls a Reflowable EPUB as the finished product. Otherwise, it’s the Fixed layout EPUB for you.

You’ll need to stick with a portrait book template if you want a Reflowable EPUB. That’s because landscape templates don’t support this export format. If you’re going for a fixed layout, either orientation works.
Step 2: Set Up a Template
You can create an ebook from a blank document or from any of the free Pages templates available in the template chooser that pops up when you open the app.

But it helps to start out with one of the templates designed specifically for ebooks. You’ll find these listed under Books in the template chooser. (Already started with a basic blank document and want to switch to a new template? You can bring up the template chooser anytime with the keyboard shortcut Option + Cmd + N.)

For this tutorial, let’s go with a Fixed layout and a landscape ebook template. We’ve chosen the Story template from Books > Books—Landscape in the template chooser. It’s a page layout document.

To confirm, open the Document inspector. Under the Document tab, the checkbox for Document Body appears unselected. That’s the indicator to look for. If you had a word processing document open, the Document Body box would appear selected.
Step 3: Add Text and Media
Now it’s time to add content to your ebook. You can insert text, images, videos, tables, charts, and shapes using the appropriate toolbar buttons. As we’re creating a Fixed layout EPUB, we don’t have to worry about wrapping text. Thus images, shapes, and other objects will always appear inline.

That’s a concern only when you’re creating a Reflowable EPUB. And in that case, to ensure that an object stays inline, first select it and open the Arrange tab of the Format inspector. Next, switch to the Move with Text tab under Object Placement and select Inline with Text from the Text Wrap dropdown menu.